Sony patented AI, which plays video games instead of the user

Sony patented AI, which plays video games instead of the user

Sony has published a patent application for an artificial intelligence system that monitors the style of a person’s game and tries to repeat it.

According to the document, the algorithm creates a separate profile for each player and studies the process of passage, rules and logic of a particular video game. These data are used to configure AI profile.

In the patent, Sony offered several scenarios for using AI-profile. For example, the player’s bot can take control if the user puts off the controller without pressing a pause. According to the developers, this will allow “maintaining presence on the network” in multi -user games.

Players will be able to transfer the character control to the system when it is difficult for them to go through the level. However, all open bonuses and trophies will be marked as "executed using AI".

It is still unknown exactly how Sony plans to use technology. The patent also does not have information about counteraction to users who can abuse the system for deceiving other players.

Recall that in April 2021, Japanese developers created a robot artist with Gagarin News artificial intelligence. He draws paintings with the help of a mobile hand and a set of hands, changing them on his own.

In early April, researchers from the Massachusetts Technological Institute developed a robot, which “sees” through the walls.

In March, developers from the University of Georgia created AI-Ryukzak to help people with weakened vision navigate the environment.

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